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Citizens of Glory is a family band comprising of 8 siblings; Holly, Macy, Justus, Elley, Amy, Lilly, Peter, and Daniel. 

The family has been playing music together their whole lives, but began their professional journey in 2015.

Releasing their first album in 2016, they have since released five more albums and singles. 

Citizens of Glory has amassed over 350,000 views on their fun, family-friendly videos and unique arrangements which continue to amaze audiences all across the nation.

They are “Musicianaries”; sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music, and have a passion for encouraging families and young people to fight the good fight of faith!

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Nashville, TN


Christian Contemporary


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Tour Dates


Love Never Ends (EP) - 2020

I Heard the Gospel (EP) - 2019

Kids of Glory - 2019

One Step Closer - 2018

One Day- 2017

Everybody Sing Joy - 2016

Love Never Ends Final.jpeg
I Heard the Gospel
Kids of Glory
OneDay CD copy.jpg
ESJ CD.jpg


"With a refreshing blend of youthful energy and stylistic versatility, 

Citizens of Glory mixes vocal harmonies and creative arrangements with first-rate musicianship, whether presenting classic favorites or contemporary standards and with originality that's sure to excite audiences of all ages and musical tastes."

- Mark Oller, the Chordsmen

Artists Performed With

The Haygoods

Triumphant Quartet


"Citizens of Glory is the first group in 9 years that people have spontaneously commented on Facebook that they hope to see return.

Well done."

-Pastor Bill, Atwater, CA

"A very talented and blessed family!

You were awesome!" 

-The Haygoods

"The quality of their music is excellent and their heart for the Lord is obvious. 

It’s just one of the most refreshing things a church or group can experience. 

If you have the opportunity to have them sing – do everything you can to make it happen."

-Pastor George, Fresno, CA


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